The savage Minotaur Lord of Amath Grall



Heelorox is a powerfully built, dark-furred paragon of his race. The Minotaur is garbed in a tattered crimson robe and dark steal Halfplate that once belonged to his Xoroc, his royal progenitor. He bears the Glyph Axe Hordax, a great double edged battle axe with a long flowing darksteel shaft along which courses tiny web-like tendrils of blue electricity. Heelorox belongs to the once proud royal line of Xoroc, the great Minotaur who captured the city of Etimar a millennium ago in the Demonspawn Wars. After ceasing the city Xoroc led his legion of minotaurs on a direct assault of the gates of Igladon. However the clefts of the Hammodrans proved to steep and the Minotaurs were broken against the mountain side by ceaseless aerial bombardment of the Dwarves. Xoroc himself was hewn in two by the Dwarven Defender Glor. At the site of his death, what remained of the Minotaur Legion grew faint and retreated down the mountainside. The settled within the Halls of Amath Grall in the city of Etimar.

Heelorox and forebears have long dwelt in shame in the ruins of the former Dwarven city, eagerly awaiting the day when they could unleash their vengeance upon the Dwarves. Heelorox was weened on a bitter hatred of Igladon. All his life his feral mind pined and plotted after ways to take the city of Igladon. As a devout follower of Minox, the beast believed that it was his destiny to lead his people from out of the shadows of defeat and into the light of victory. Sadly for Minotaur Lord, a band of adventurers called the Four Horns infiltrated the Minotaur’s lair, slaughtered his people, and then cut Heelorox, last of his line down. With him died any hope of the Minotaurs ever avenging themselves upon the Dwarves.




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