Atherlend Hidroth

The industrious and pragmatic Count of Hidroth Lea


Atherlend hidroth

Atherlend is a tall imposing figure. He has Golden red colored hair and a well trimmed beard that show signs of gray. He has deep intelligent gray eyes and sturdy features. He is fair, and generally good natured, and places the interests of the people above those of his own. Atherlend has been the Count of Hidroth Lea for the last five years, ever since his father Ildurand passed away. In those years he has sought to expand the influence of Hidroth Lea, supplementing its agrarian economy with trade. He has also increased the militia and commissioned several adventuring parties to help rid the surrounding downlands that make up Hidroth County of orcs and other monstrous creatures. His long term vision is for Hidroth Lea to develop into a hub of trade in the north comparable to the city of Etobran. Atherlend is generally well liked amongst both the commoners whom he has helped to protect, and the merchant nouveau riche, whose fortunes have benefited tremendously from the influx of trade into the town. The nobility of Hidroth Lea are divided in their support of Atherlend. On the one hand, Hidroth Lea has become much more prominent in recent years, increasing the status of its nobility and allowing them better prospects in marriage with the nobles of surrounding territories. On the other hand, they are chagrined by the degree of social mobility that Atherlend’s policies have afforded the lesser classes. They are resentful of having to share political influence with their lessers, and fear that one day their own influence may become eclipsed by such “peasants.”

Atherlend is married to Temarion and has two children: a son, named Ildred, and a daughter named Aribell. His marital life is not a happy one, nor is it unbearable either. The marriage was was one of convenience. His father arranged the union with Temerion’s father, the Count of Thunlend Dell, in order to secure a mutually advantageous political alliance between the two territories. At the time, Atherland had been madly in love with a lesser noble by the name of Illendra, and had attempted to wed her in private. Atherlend’s father refused to legitimize the legality of their vows however, and disciplined Illendra’s entire family for her acts. Ildurand convinced Atherlend that a marriage to Temerion was in the best interest of Hidroth Lea, and, while heartbroken, Atherlend consented.



Atherlend Hidroth

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