The treacherous Court Spy and Inquisitor of Hidroth Lea



Arnodoul is a thin pale man whose skin appears slightly jaundiced. He is of average height and has a thin wiry build. Arnodoul shaves his head and generally dawns a thick black robe that covers his entire body. He has a thin smile, calculating grey eyes and an unsettling ability to blend into almost any shadow.Arnodoul was once a double agent for the nation of Iscalatharn. He helped to provide critical information to Caldoranth’s army regarding the enemy’s movements. After a couple years of secretive service to Caldoranth, Count Atherlend granted him asylum within Hiroth County. Arnodoul then came under the direct employ of the Count where he worked as Hidroth Lea’s court spy. Over the years he was given leave to organize his own security unit. Due the highly sensitive nature of the information that this unit dealt in, Arnodoul’s men were subject only to Arnodoul and the count. They thus lay outside of the jurisdiction of the Captain of the Guard.

What Atherlend did not know was that Arnodoul remained a loyal subject of Iscalatharn. He was a plant. The information that Arnodoul had provided to Caldoranth in war time had been a ruse. The agent’s real agenda was to weaken the internal security of Hidroth Lea so that the city would easily fall under the eventual assault of Iscalatharn. To this end the agent plied his skill. He trained men loyal to him in the dark arts of the Shadowguard. With their aid, Arnodoul began to abduct and murder residents of Hidroth Lea and its surrounding county. Their strategy was to incite wide-spread panic throughout the region at the supposed reemergence of a local branch of the Cult of Thyrn. Serendipitously, there was a recent resurgence of a cult under Genocron, and Arnodoul used this to his advantage. Once enough people had gone missing and evidence of cultic activity discovered, Count Atherlend appointed the spy as Court Inquisitor and gave him juridical authority to hunt down supposed cultists with impunity. This Arnodoul did, though his targets were not cultist but rather visible members of the community. Panic spread as local figureheads of the community were tried and executed as cultists.

Arnodoul made one mistake however. He let someone who knew too much escape his blade. Orend had been sentenced to death for attempting to elope with the Count’s daughter. While imprisoned Orend overheard some of Arnodoul’s men discussing their saboteur activity. When Orend’s former band members attempted to break the Knight out of prison the night before his execution, Orend told them of what he had overheard. Arnodoul and his men tracked down and subdued the party, save for Elien, who managed to elude capture. Though Orend and the rest of the party soon met their end, Elien survived to tell the story to Captain Teradith. The Captain of the Guard had always suspected Arnodoul of treachery, and was only to eager to believe Elien’s story. With Elien’s help, Teradith and his men managed to capture and execute Arnodoul and his men, and then to provide Count Atherlend with tangible evidence of his Inquisitor’s traitorous activity.




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