Etilwin Vass

The exuberant old Gnome who founded the Hidroth Lea chapter of the Socieity of Lost Relics.


Etilwin vass

Etilwin Vass is a hunched little gnome with thick bifocals, a long wispy beard, and a wheezing cough. But for all that he’s really quite youthful! His personality is chalk full of optimism, he’s got a spring in his step, and his aging eyes have not lost a hint of intelligence. Vass, was born into the scrivener cast of the Gnomes of Glendor Forest. For years he learned the trade of his cast and helped to transcribe several ancient texts formerly thought to be lost to antiquity. His work soon caught the attention of several scholars from the university of Caldoranth, who upon seeing the Gnome’s potential, awarded him a fellowship at the university. There Vass filled out his education in the liberal arts and the sciences. He took a particular interest in mystic alchemy. Yet ancient history was always Vass’ first love.

After receiving his Doctorate Vass spent several years at the university as an instructor and director of research. Yet he became increasingly interested in the work being done by a Fraternity known as The Society of Lost Relics (SLR). So Vass spent nearly two decades doing field work with the SLR. He lost his nerve for field research however when a delve into a particular dungeon went south, leaving two other researchers dead and a third seriously wounded. Hence, he decided, with the blessing of the Society, to found a new charter of the SLR in Hidroth Lea which would conduct its research under his supervision. Vass has remained in Hidroth Lea for over forty years, and has also served the town as a Tinker, Apothecary and Alchemist. His chief academic interest is in the seven daughter cities of Avaluriend.



Etilwin Vass

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