Othowin, Son of Etrindoir

Gregarious Leader of, well..."Othowin's" Band.



Othowin is medium sized barrel-chested man with golden hair, a graying beard and clear blue eyes full of life. He is possessed of a deep baritone voice with a thick Vindish accent, and is given to eruptions of thunderous laughter that often prove infectious. Othowin is a native of Vindovier, the northernmost kingdom of Dwinovar. He served as a lieutenant in Tiliria’s army and fought in the battle of Ithinerad under Captain Iberon. He met and befriended Teradith during this period. Among other exploits Othowin helped to seize the city of Garnothel defended by Tharngolad, the great Dark Knight of Lorghun. After the battle Othowin settle a plot of land near the city of Ithinerad. He married, and had a daughter, Karin. Karin succumbed to pneumonia at the age of 7, and his wife eventually went mad and took her own life. After a time of mourning, Othowin decided to begin a new life. He turned over the deed to his land to a friend, and together with Starling, a promising young Bard, decided to seek fortune and fame in the north.

Othowin has been adventuring for about a decade in the north and has participated in raids on the armies of Karn; explorations of the Ruins of Ithel-Mierian; skirmishes with the goblins in the Hamodrans; and most recently, in the defense of Hidreth Lea. Othowin is the leader of a small band but hardy band of adventurers. He is often jovial, and quick to laugh. Yet in the midst of combat Othowin is both fierce and resourceful. He is still a lieutenant at heart, and commands his band with a rugged efficiency that has earned himself and his band the admiration of many. Othowin has a special place in his heart for Elien, who he looks upon as a daughter.



Othowin, Son of Etrindoir

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